What I Do

I am a voice-speech-text coach/teacher for professional actors in film, online, television, and theatre.  I work either/both for immediate needs (auditions, rehearsals, shoots, etc) and/or for longer term development.  For example I can …

  • provide bespoke input to a rehearsal process, either as an individual or ensemble
  • help youovercome insecurities about your voice
  • Ensure that your work is of the same quality vocally as it is in other areas.
  • Develop the range, variety and expressiveness of your voice
  • Explore language and text
  • Be authentic in accents other than your own
  • Find vocal presence for stage work if most of your work recently has been screen
  • Overcome audibility problems in difficult spaces
  • Access text, classical or contemporary, through your voice, connecting with difficult language
  • Troubleshoot vocal problems (ie vocal fatigue, running out of breath, tight voice; can point you in the right direction if you need more specialised, ie therapeutic or medical, consultation)
  • Increase vocal truthfulness
  • Prepare your voice and text-connection for rehearsal or audition
  • Refine accents that you have been working on