Thank you for your wonderful work … I know it helped the actors hugely.
Dominic Cooke, Director
To this day I am reaping the benefits of having worked with you. You showed me that strength has to come from a place of freedom.
Karim Saleh, Actor
Working with William is a joy. He immediately grasps the direction of the work and feeds into it so exactly that actors feel they are on a path that is going in the right direction. All my actors loved William, responding to his breadth of experience, his intelligence and his sensitivity. He was able to inspire each actor with texts which were in the main unfamiliar to them.
Kristine Landon-Smith, Director/Lecturer/,Writer, Sydney
William was and is one of the best voice tutors I’ve ever had in my acting career. He knows his craft and he is very friendly, imaginative and an expert. My year was blessed with his presence and his humor and the things I have learned from him are still with me.
Alexander Logothetis, Actor/Producer, Athens
The script of “In Blood” was heavy in imagery, and it was hard to work a text that had such richness of language. But you made me connect emotionally with it and use my voice in full power and range. I was able to have fun with the text and to free the voice to tell the story. The main thing really was that what we did was about allowing the words to have a life of their own and inform the actor, and allowing that to happen and not forcing it.
Daon Broni, Actor
William ran a series of voice workshops for myself and several other performers at The Actor’s Centre – one of the venues where he works. His insight, experience and intelligence made the afternoon incredibly valuable as well as enjoyable. He is vastly experienced and has worked with some of the best voice coaches in the business. I’d recommend him highly.
Finlay Robertson, Actor
When working with William Trotter I never cease to learn. He is a collaborator and an enabler, and his specialized voice teaching adds a new perspective to every production he is involved with. His work with the actors contributes to the overall impact of the performance and enhances the individual contribution of the performers. It also, most importantly, consolidates the style of the play in the way the text is revealed through vocal expression. William Trotter energises, instructs, and motivates the performers through text and sound. He collaborates with the director on the development of characterization by providing the right emphasis on the language and idiom of the role. He develops sensitivity to the demands of language and style, and enables us to fulfill the dramatic and stylistic demands made upon both director and performer, embodying the language and giving it physical expression.
Andrew Visnevski, Director
You coached me for the audition and for the shoot of “David is Dying”. We did voice and speech coaching, and script and character analysis. This was most beneficial, and I was awarded ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for the role at the International New Wave Film Festival in L.A.
Brigitte Millar, Actor
I have worked with William Trotter in a variety of contexts over the last fifteen years. I was his student; he worked as Voice Director on numerous productions I have been involved with. William works with real integrity, from a base of profound research and understanding, bringing a practical and holistic approach to all he does. His work is always effective, engaging, tailored to the individual and never precious. I would recommend him wholeheartedly for any situation where voice expertise is needed, from workshop leading, to actor training, to one-on-one tutorials. I have used him a number of times and I always look forward to working with him again.
Will Wollen, Creative Theatre Professional
William is a fantastic voice coach as he creates exercises which work for you and specifically for the project.
Felicity Davidson, Actor